For a limited time, we're offering semi-permanent microshading for only $450 (regular $600.00). Applying makeup every morning can be painful. No literally. Have you ever had a piece of your brow pencil break off on your face? Ouch! With beautifully full brows and results lasting up to 3 years, it’s no wonder Ombre Brows is a top requested service.

ONLY $450! (Regular $600)
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Here's How We Do It

step 1.jpeg

Step 1

The Consultation. The consultation is important. Although you’ve read all of the contraindications before booking and followed the steps before your procedure, we will need to evaluate your skin type, allergies, and any medical conditions. We’ll talk about your lifestyle, makeup, and eyebrow routine. We’ll discuss what your biggest struggle is and what you love about your brows now. And lastly, what style you would like them to look like after the procedure.

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Step 4

The Reveal. Before the reveal, your newly microshaded brows will soak in pigment for about 8 minutes. After, any excess pigment will be wiped away and your new eyebrows will be revealed! No more stressful morning application trying to achieve shape, density and symmetry. No more stress of accidentally wiping your brows away. Go on and jump in that body of water, enjoy your life because we may still have 99 problems but your brows ain’t one! 

step 2.jpeg

Step 2

Map & Color. After we learn your preferences, we’ll map out, draw, and measure your new brows using your facial features and bone structure so that your new brows fits naturally with your entire face. You’ll be asked to do ridiculous facial expressions (angry face, surprised look, you’ll fake laugh and then laugh for real) to ensure your expressions will look natural. We don’t start until you are completely happy with the shape of your new brows.

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Step 5

AND SLAYYY. This part is the beginning of caring for your new brows by following the After Care to ensure proper healing. After the healing process, you get to go out and SLAY with your newly enhanced brow game. Sleep in a little longer. And when your partner asks you when you’ll be ready, you can give a more accurate time (we all know it takes more than 5 more minutes!) and strut with confidence knowing your brows will be appreciated by other brow queens.

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Step 3

Microshading.  The practitioner will then remove numbing agent and carefully fill in the shape with a tattoo machine (don't worry, it's much quieter than your traditional tattoo machine) and small needle cartridge. With the new strokes, pigment is then deposited into the skin, under the epidermis of the skin. The practitioner will perfect and add any extra strokes that are needed before your brows are revealed to you.

step 4.jpeg

Step 6

The Touch-Up.  Microblading is a two-step (sometimes three-step) process. Before you leave our studio, we will book your second session. At this time, we will revaluate how you’ve healed and go darker or bolder and add more strokes where strokes have faded. 

Until then, enjoy waking up with perfect eyebrows.

About Brittany

"Brittany is a licensed tattoo artist in Memphis, TN, and is certified in the Microshading technique.  Her passion is helping people feel confident and empowered in their skin.

With an eye for all things beautiful, Brittany has continuously developed her craft and cultivated her passion for beautiful artwork, including beautiful brows.  A visit with Brittany will result in a relaxing, luxurious, unforgettable experience and will leave you feeling more beautiful than ever."

“Brows are the picture frame to your face, and everyone loves a beautiful frame,” - Brittany.